Tuesday, December 29, 2009

PSRO finds "Roti"(bread) on Moon! (Fiction)

PSRO finds "Roti" on Moon!(Fiction)
Pakistan Space Research Organization finds "Roti" on Moon! As the competition is growing to the frontiers of space Pakistan has also joined it and found "Roti" on Moon like Indian Chandrayan found water, their satellite was named "Id Ka Chand" they have the collaboration of China and they have confirmed the presence of "Roti" on moon as this will solve the hunger problem of the Pakistani's and Chinese population.
Congratulations to Pakistan for this great discovery.
This is not a prank it is a lesson for Pakistan
This is not a prank it is a lesson for Pakistan, they are wasting money in training militants to harass India and in their country they are undergoing a social, political as well as scientifically downfallen this mockery of their scientific knowledge could awaken their consciousness of what destruction they are bringing to their nation and also ours, as it effects us also as what happens in our neighborhood affects us too, the Breakthrough of ISRO could inspire our neighboring countries and they might one gay shift to the side of peace and prosperity.

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